Flowers, friends, singing, lots o’love.  What a birthday.  Finished it off with a scrumptious meal and beach walk… complete with peeping - you can’t help it, these people don’t have curtains.  But they do have funny watch dogs and creepy meditating statues above their indoor pools.  Ha.  Lastly, behold the b-day sculpture from my beloved - yes yes yes.

Matchy matchy.

Low tide in the estuary, downtown SLO at night, the nesting-cormorant tree, tin and concrete ceilings.  24 hours up and down the California coast.

WTF Wednesday.  In this edition: ranch house remnants (things I found after the beloved 1800s structure burned down - thank you, arse-onist); and me in a dress (had to go way back).  Rarities!

Look at this fuzzy blue beauty.  I know it’s a California native because I grew it from seed… just can’t remember its name.

Beach sightings: brontosaurus, dolphins, paddle-boating fisherman, abandoned boat, hand prints and a penny-farthing.  Visually stimulated - thank you.

Watch out Hermosa Beach, dinosaurs are afoot!

Best buds.  Whole lotta cute.

Rise and shine. 

WHEN will beautiful L.A. put its unsightly power lines below ground?  Most likely never.  Too costly. Oh well, soothe my sads with some home-made pizza and English beer.