Late afternoon summer hike.  All the while, humpbacks spouted and breached.

Toad-ay’s amphibian.  Spotted in Western Bali.

Cowboy country, California.

Meet my mollusc friend.  Reds stick together.

The right thing to do on a Sunday.

A gorgeous day, a marred landscape. There is no Twinkie defense, and no defending pollution.  We have the means to travel beyond our planet; we certainly have the means to stop trashing it.  C’mon humanoids.  Celebrate this glorious place by showing it some respect. 

And so it begins, the independence celebration.  Red, white and blue in multiple forms.  Adult-sized slip-n-slides, odd American sports, beverages galore, lighter fluid, sheriffs on horseback, bikinis, butt crack and even a bubble boy.  A little light this year but entertaining nonetheless.

Flowers, friends, singing, lots o’love.  What a birthday.  Finished it off with a scrumptious meal and beach walk… complete with peeping - you can’t help it, these people don’t have curtains.  But they do have funny watch dogs and creepy meditating statues above their indoor pools.  Ha.  Lastly, behold the b-day sculpture from my beloved - yes yes yes.

Matchy matchy.

Low tide in the estuary, downtown SLO at night, the nesting-cormorant tree, tin and concrete ceilings.  24 hours up and down the California coast.